Fuck the World

Fuck the AUC privileged class for acting like self-entitled douchebags who subconsciously dream of being white, fantasizing about their own country like an exotic tourist drooling over karkade.

Fuck the other AUCians who feel ashamed about being rich, and therefore fetishize being “poor” as some sort of entitled rebellion against their privilege. Their poverty is a luxury they can afford, not a reality they must live. Deep down, they revel in the security of their looming inheritance.

Fuck those who obsess about the West and those who over use the term orientalism. Seeing orientalism everywhere is the newest form of orientalism. It reveals nothing insightful. It only highlights our fragile reactionary identities to dominant narratives.

Fuck the post-thawra bourgeois petty nationalism of taking the metro and using yamli to write facebook statuses in Arabic. Accept that you speak English better than Arabic and move on. There is no shame in the ingredients that made us, only shame in the dishes we decide to cook thereafter.

Fuck the thawra and fuck how it fucked us.

Fuck the comfortable counter-culture for offering nothing more than DJs, drugs and beach parties to emancipate a lost youth from the shackles of oppressive structures.

Fuck the artists who build their “street cred” by bashing the “evil West” only to expose their “art” there and make it into Thomas Friedman’s “Top 20 Arabs that look like us” list. Bravo for masturbating your sperm through the paradigm you were supposedly fighting.

Fuck the revolutionaries that were against the regime and against neo-liberalism only to abandon their ideals once they got their 15 seconds of fame on CNN, and now enjoy the rewards of capitalism by milking empty ideas through their advertising, consultancy or financial companies.

Fuck the smug wust el balad crowd that think they are cool because they watch Polish films, smart because they wear a scarf and deep because they have been “damaged” by the revolution.

Fuck the feminist movement in Egypt, which is nothing more than capricious, entitled bourgeois women wanting to eat their Nola cupcake in peace without provoking an erection from their horny bawab, tired of fucking his hepatitis C stricken Malteser wife

A genuine gay and feminist emancipation will never have a foothold unless the prism in which it is articulated is loyal to the ingredients of society, not to the exported Western fantasy in which its tiny elite basks.

Fuck the government for prostituting the revolution’s ideals with void slogans and false promises only to continue sending the country into kharaland, offering no hope, no dignity, and no justice to its citizens. Fuck the government for making immigration the last resort before suicide.

Fuck you immigration officers for forcing the desperate to flee on boats and drown.
Maybe one day in the future when the balance of power will shift and 500 hippies from Roma looking for the perfect ta3meya will drown in a felucca reaching Alexandria will you understand the indignity of your stance.

Fuck you West for flaunting your humanist values only when it serves those with money and power. Your slogans are as empty as our dreams. Our terrorists wear suicide vests. Your terrorists wear suits.

Fuck you Ivy league schools for selling yourselves as the beacon of higher education. You are nothing more than the playground for future psychopaths of the 1%, naviguating through the revolving door of power -academia, politics, media, finance – to maintain an oligarch’s world.

Fuck you Cecile Rhodes and fuck you Rhodes scholarship.

Fuck the employers for paying and treating people like shit unless they decide to work for the evil multinationals, the fucking useless UN or to take papi’s money to open burger restaurant number 4095. How many houses in Hacienda do you need before offering your employees wages fit for a dignified life?

Fuck the cultural and independent journalistic scene for continuously saying they are there to help the “sha3b”only to market and host their events at the very elitist places that are inaccessible to the sha3b.

Fuck the concept of the “sha3b”

Fuck Nun Center for offering yoga for babies. And fuck them for selling bangar for 100 L.E.

Fuck the hipster left-wing expats for thinking they are so cool with their shipships. Fuck them for acting as if they understand our “struggle”, as if we are an exotic museum of suffering from which they can cleanse their white guilt off by working in a NGO or helping us improve the quality of our shitty art scene.

Fuck the right wing expats, diplomats and embassy douches that think they are better than the “locals”. If it wasn’t for our complex of inferiority, you’d be selling tomatoes in Frankfurt you fucking dickhead.

Fuck the concept of “locals”

And double fuck the concept of “expats”

Fuck religion for suffocating our youth, shaming our genitals, stifling our creativity and imprisoning our minds.

Fuck me for accepting mediocrity, accepting my shadow, accepting my “place”.

Fuck me for being a coward, for being a part of this charade.

Fuck me for not believing that the silence of my mind is richer than the noise of your symphony.

As for you my darling, fuck you too.

But at least you…I fuck with love


About Foulosopher

My goal in life is to steal Suzanne from Leonard Cohen
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